Louie & Toby

Louie & Toby

Brews & Rescues would love to introduce these two fun loving pups- Louie (perky ears) and Toby (floppy ears). You can see more on there page @louie_and_toebeans ! ☺️

We rescued Louie August 15, 2019 from the Irvine Animal Care Center in Irvine, CA. He was 8 months and 19 pounds at the time and was found as a stray. A year later, he weighs 30 pounds. It's all muscle. We are convinced he works out in his crate.

We rescued Toby (formerly Buttons and Connor) from the OC Animal Care Center in Tustin, CA February 15, 2020 at 10 months old. Toby had a hard upbringing and was surrendered to the shelter and was adopted and brought back twice before we adopted him. He showed many signs of neglect (hates arguing, submissive peeing, and had a fear of loud sounds and fast movements) in addition to being brought back to the shelter many times, which led to a lack of confidence. With a lot of love and patience, he knows that we are his forever home and that he is always safe.

Louie enjoys chasing lizards, napping, snacking and chewing on his favorite indestructible toys.

Toby enjoys snuggling, snacking, and playing with rope toys and tennis balls.

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